snow heart 150

Ahhh…the Holiday’s

Whatever you celebrate in December, I feel the idea is all the same – to love, to cherish, to thank, to unite, to celebrate, and most importantly – to care. To care about others needs before your own. At this time of the year people do nice things for others they normally wouldn’t do – whether that is giving to charity, calling a distant relative or old friend to see how they are doing, or something as simple as opening the door for a stranger – it’s funny that every year we all wish that this feeling could last all year. But as the last of the leftovers are eaten, and the decorations are put away, the feeling fades and we all go back to our “normal” routines…it would be nice if it lasted longer this time.

American Mutt

I am an American Mutt

Ever since I can remember, people would ask me what my ethnicity was, and I got tired of listing all the different nationalities in my blood. So, one day I just said, “I’m an American Mutt.” And I liked that answer – and so did they. That’s where I came up with the idea for my American Mutt design – it’s a tribal design of a dog with no specific pedigree, that represents diversity.