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Song samples from CD:Listen to the Music
LISTEN TO THE MUSIC – Chuckii Booker / Mimi Rossi
TWILIGHT – Frej Jonsson / Morgan Jonasson / Mimi Rossi
FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS – Douglas Hirai / Mimi Rossi
LISTEN TO THE MUSIC – remix – Starbrick
RUSH – Joy Basu / Mimi Rossi
YOU – Chuckii Booker / Mimi Rossi
ALWAYS – Eddie Miller / Mimi Rossi
LOVE LIKE YOU NEVER BEEN HURT – Eddie Miller / Mimi Rossi
WHISPER – Jaywill Sands / Mimi Rossi
DREAM AWAY – Jaywill Sands / Mimi Rossi
SET ME FREE – Jaywill Sands / Mimi Rossi

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As well as a singer, Mimi Rossi has written for others. Samples coming soon!


On the Prowl – Mc Skat Kat and the Stray MobMC Skat Kat

Let’s Get Together – Groove Metropolis
Mimi Rossi/Gerald McCauley

No Quarter – Linda George
Mimi Rossi/Linda George

I Thought I Was an Angel – Linda George
Mimi Rossi/Linda George

Peace on Earth (English version) – Linda George
Mimi Rossi/Linda George

Groove Metropolis


What They Call Love – vocals by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Mimi Rossi/Jerry Stober

Just Turn Around – vocals by Jeanette Jurado
Mimi Rossi/Mitchell

Look How We’ve Grown – vocals by Gerald McCauley and Ieshia Le
Mimi Rossi/Eddie Miller

Shout Interview

About Mimi Rossi
Singer/songwriter, Mimi Rossi was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Being exposed to her mom’s favorite oldies and funk, to her dad’s love of the standards and big band, gave her an appreciation for all genres of music. While making the journey to New York to promote her indie single, Accidentally Yours, she discovered and fell in love with house and dance music.

Mimi’s project, Listen To The Music, offers up an infectious blend of dance grooves to straight up hard-hitting house music. Her vocals smoothly ride a varied blend of pop dance music, and infuse it with the mélange of style and rhythm that permeate her richly diverse hometown; her vocal style flows hypnotically over every rhythmic beat.

Listen To The Music was a long time coming”, says Mimi, “How could I not release a CD that had so many talented people contributing to it. People such as; Chuckii Booker, Eddie Miller, Douglas Hirai, Jaywill Sands, Joy Basu and a Swedish collaboration with Starbricks, Frej Jonsson and Morgan Jonasson.”

Currently Mimi is working with producers across the globe on new material. “It’s amazing to me that I can record vocals here in Los Angeles and send them digitally to places like Italy, Sweden, Estonia and here in the states, and have a complete quality recording come back to me!” she says.

Mimi loves the freedom of expression and artistic exploration that songwriting has afforded her. She is a frequent collaborator with other talented artists. While with Famous Music Publishing, she worked with artists signed to Virgin, Warner Bros., and MCA. Mimi’s latest collaboration is a song called, Let’s Get Together, released on the Groove Metropolis CD, which includes the talents of Val Watson (formally with Club Nouveau) and Gerald McCauley.

Able to work with many different kinds of musicians; she is a natural collaborator. But, underneath Mimi’s flexibility is the solid foundation of a beautiful voice, one that expresses happiness, sorrow, and a straight-up good time!

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