Growing Up for Grown-Ups Book Series

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Mimi Rossi envisions a world where people help others be the best they can be. Her book series, Growing Up for Grown-Ups, is dedicated to providing straightforward, easy to understand information on a variety of subjects aimed at self-improvement.

(extra) Ordinary People
Who Had the Courage to Create a Life They Love

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Synopsis: Many people are unhappy with the way their life is going and they do nothing to change it. They wake up each morning, go to a job they don’t like, and return home again to find themselves unfulfilled. They are existing, not living. This book is an inspirational journey through the lives of people who took the leap of faith and went on to live happy fulfilling lives. They had the courage to change their path and create a life they love.

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A Dozen Ways to a More Financially-Stable You!

Growing Up for Grown-Ups

Struggling financially and being in debt is a common problem among people of all ages. Growing Up For Grown-Ups: A Dozen Ways to a More Financially-Stable You! is a straightforward, simple overview of how to build a foundation for good financial habits as well as plan for future financial stability and wealth.

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Growing Up for Grown-Ups: A Dozen Ways to a More Financially-Stable You!

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